Licenses of Fresh project

Important notes:

Fresh v2.1.4 is the last official release licensed under the terms of Fresh artistic license . The version 3b83e10d0c is the last version from the repository, distributed under the terms of Fresh artistic license .

Every newer version is distributed under licenses, separate for Fresh IDE, FreshLib and FASM compiler.

1. Fresh IDE license

Fresh IDE itself is licensed under the terms of EUPL 1.1 only .

You may obtain the text of the license in 22 languages at EUPL site.

In the downloaded packages you can find the text of the license in English language in the file:


All language versions of EUPL are equivalent.

What this means? EUPL is new copyleft license, provided by European Commission and consistent with the EU law. EUPL is compatible with GNU GPL and the code released under EUPL can be freely relicensed under several compatible licenses.

2. FreshLib library license

FreshLib is distributed under the terms of "BSD 2-clause" license.

Read following file for details:


FreshLib is released under permissive license in order to allow creating applications with its use and then distributing these applications under whatever license their authors prefer.

3. FlatAssebler compiler license

FlatAssembler (FASM) files, distributed with Fresh IDE are licensed under separate FlatAssembler license.

Read following file for details:


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