Fresh IDE FASM inside


Here you can see several screenshots from Fresh IDE.

1. Screenshots from v2.6.0

The new skin

2. Screenshots from v2.5.0

Fresh v2.5.0

Since v2.5.0 Fresh IDE acquired new single-window interface with tabbed UTF-8 source editor.

3. Screenshots from v2.0.7

A new feature in Fresh 2.0.7 is so called "Embedded help". This tool scans the source files for comment blocks preceding the definition of some symbol (procedure, variable, structure, whatever) and displays it as a hint window where you use this symbol, thus economizing a lot of source check ups.


4. Screenshots from v2.0.0

Preliminary screenshot of the FreshEdit component. FreshEdit is unicode programmers editor that supports (or will support) multi-language syntax highlighting, word wrap, integration with various tools like debuger or visual editors, bookmarks and formating embeded in the text file.

Moreover, it is freely portable like the whole FreshLib.

On the screenshot - builds for Win32 and Linux:


Fresh running test XLib Linux application in andLinux:


The same application, compiled for Win32:


Procedure arguments hint. It helps to not miss some argument when calling procedures.

This function works for a project defined procedures and for imported functions as well.


New code completion function. Faster than ever - can handle thousands of labels.

In the new version it displays values of the labels - very handy for API constants.

Here you can see code completion list from above example, compiled for Linux:


New debuggers options applet in "IDE options" - you can set paths to external debugger and andLinux in order to run Linux applications from Windows.


New project options. It is possible to set directory aliases (environment variables) on project basis.

Note that for some of the aliases is possible to set multiply values.


Project aliases, that are defined with multiply values, can be quick switched from this context menu in the project manager.


5. Screenshots from v1.x.x

Fresh old logo. Actually there is no newer one, so you can thing of it as a "Fresh logo". :)


Fresh 1.0 editing itself. Here you can see project manager, source editor with code completion and main window with visual component palettes:


Fresh 1.x editor options dialog:


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