Source code repository

1. The repository

The source code of Fresh (and FreshLib) is managed using FossilFossil repository.

The repository has web access on the following page: Fresh IDE repository.

The system contains source browser, bug tracker and Wiki.

You can simply visit the above link, browse the source, report some bug, request some feature and track the latest work versions.

You also can clone the whole repository and use it offline on your computer. Use following fossil command:

fossil clone Fresh.fossil

If you want to help in development and want to commit some changes to the source - simply contact me with request for password.

2. The bleeding edge version

If you want simply to obtain the latest bleeding edge version of Fresh IDE, without cloning the whole repository, there is another way, but it works only for Linux/UNIX OS.

Download the following bash script: bleeding_edge_fresh.tar.gz

Unpack it, place it in an empty directory, where you want Fresh IDE to be installed and run it from the console.

The script will automatically download, compile and install the latest version from the Fresh IDE source repository. The script also will check for all programs needed and will notice you if some package needs to be installed.

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:)Hawk ( 16.09.2017 01:23:18 UTC ) :

Really better than I had supposed! For I too, believed that assemblers be ported but until lately that has changed. Thank you very much!!! SORRY- sorry for redoubling Real needs to be SAID!!!! Hawk

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