This page contains only the recently released version of Fresh IDE. The latest work sources and the previous releases are available in Fossil repository. Look at source repository page for short instructions how to use it.

Happy coding with Fresh!

Any bug report, user opinion, or suggestion are highly appreciated.


1. Download links

setup v2.7.0 setup file

You can customize the installation with this setup file and to choose which part of Fresh to be installed. This setup file will not write to Windows registry and will not setup uninstaller. You can uninstall, simply by deleting the folder, where Fresh is installed.

zip v2.7.0 ZIP archive

If you prefer manual installation. Simply unzip it somewhere and run Fresh.exe. Delete the directory for uninstall.

2. Release notes

Version 2.7.0

This version is one of the last of the v2.x.x series. For now, the development of v3.x.x goes slow and more as a test project for the FreshLib GUI libraries. But the development will accelerate with the time.

The main change in this release is the final transition of the FreshLib to the new GUI architecture. Some of the old interfaces are different now.

FlatAssembler compiler has been updated to the version 1.73.12.

The syntax highlighting of the editor is improved to support user defined keywords for coloring.

Two builtin fonts, especially suitable for assembly programming has been added to the editor themes.

More extended tests has been provided on Windows 10. As a result, the editor rendering and the overall stability has been improved.

The included examples has been revised and fixed to compile with the latest FreshLib libraries.

Of course the usual bug fixing and new bug introduction has been made as well.

3. Installing the bleeding edge version in Linux

If you are running Linux and want to install the newest version of Fresh IDE directly from the source repository, there is a script that will automate this process for you:

Download .tar.gz archive

Unpack it, place it in an empty directory, where you want Fresh IDE to be installed and run it from the console.

The script will automatically download, compile and install the latest version from the Fresh IDE source repository. The script also will check for all required packages and will notice you if some package needs to be installed.

4. Older versions

As long as there is very high traffic on the old versions and some downloaders (probably bots) download every link posted here, I decided to remove the older versions from this page.

All files are still available in the source repository. If you need them, feel free to download from there.

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:)Neto ( 28.01.2020 21:07:53 UTC ) :

How do I make the F9 option work? Do I need to set the Fasm Assembly manually in the IDE's options, right? how do I do so?

:)Excited Box ( 15.01.2020 23:18:58 UTC ) :

The setup download contains a virus according to firefox.

:)Aynan ( 13.12.2019 12:07:32 UTC ) :

Hello dear Sir.,

I use PİC Basic softwere but some time need to read some file from assembler, then need to convert from assambler to BASİC for do integration for a few function from assembler to BASİC.

Your program or softwere, can you convert assemler file to BASİC or not.

Because i need this option.



:)Vasya ( 25.11.2019 18:06:30 UTC ) :

Defender scream when I download it. VirusTotal says it contains a Trojan

:)Ravi Kiran ( 12.11.2019 17:31:58 UTC ) :

Fresh IDE v2.7.0 not working in Windows 7 32-bit. The setup was installed but the IDE program ( fresh.exe) not running. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this bug.

:)somebody ( 25.10.2019 11:40:08 UTC ) :

Please verify

Windows defender told me this executable file contains a virus.

Thank you.

:)rapg ( 30.07.2019 18:09:59 UTC ) :

windows 10 defender alerting "Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock" when running fresh.exe V2.7.0

Any explanation?

:)Aryan3 ( 12.07.2019 20:45:09 UTC ) :

@John Found: ok thanks

i'm waiting for v3.0. it should be awesome. i wish you success.

:)John Found ( 12.07.2019 19:14:23 UTC ) :

@Aryan3: Oh, I see what you actually mean. You are talking about running the project into the internal debugger (with the menu Debug|Run or F9).

Yes, it can be fixed this way. But the bigger problem (and the reason why it is not fixed yet) is that the internal debugger is very feature limited and virtually useless.

And the development of this debugger is currently suspended. Because it has an architecture closely tied to the Windows debug API, while the current Fresh IDE development concentrates on the portability to other operating systems.

The whole debugger needs to be rewritten from scratch and exactly this I am intended to do in Fresh v3.0.

:)Aryan3 ( 12.07.2019 18:25:11 UTC ) :

@John Found:i think if "terminate debuged process button" works properly it can solve this problem

when we execute the code into the fresh and then stop it with this button, the file is not released by operating system, which means that the button can not stop it properly and this is probably the problem.

:)John Found ( 12.07.2019 13:17:00 UTC ) :

@Aryan3: This effect is because while the program is running, the executable file is locked by the OS. So, the compiler can't recompile the program and that is why it generates error instead of running another instance of the program.

I think about this problem, but I still have not figured out a good enough solution.

:)Aryan3 ( 11.07.2019 18:59:17 UTC ) :

thanks a lot for version 2.7.0

just one thing: if you run the file once with the wrong code and then correct the code, you can not run it again in the fresh and you must close and reopen it.

:)xxx ( 11.07.2019 18:56:02 UTC ) :

For Test!

:)Mario Moreira ( 23.09.2018 22:44:41 UTC ) :

Eu quero aprender programar asm? obrgado!

:)Klaas `Z4us` van B. V ( 18.09.2018 05:46:36 UTC ) :

Good morning John,

Does your assembler work on OS X? If yes how; if no why not (yet)?

Greetings & salutations from Osdorp (A'dam) nl, Klaas

:)Vitaliy ( 26.08.2018 17:13:15 UTC ) :

Do not work...

:)John Found ( 11.06.2018 18:56:41 UTC ) :

The dark theme will switch automatically if the OS theme is set to dark. This is because Fresh IDE uses the OS default colors for the buttons, controls background, etc. You can see on the screenshots that the window title bar is dark as well.

:)dreimen franklinn ( 28.03.2018 22:56:25 UTC ) :

Thanks for this product and allefforts to build it!Ifn fact , Sould wish have allinformation, extensions and plugin of tyhe IDE.Again thanks for all!

:)Mombo ( 25.03.2018 15:50:06 UTC ) :

Dear developers, where can I enable / download the Dark Skin, which is on screenshot above?

:)Mombo ( 24.03.2018 16:17:28 UTC ) :

Hey, where is the Dark Skin??? It's not available? How to enable it?

:)John Found ( 13.02.2018 20:55:29 UTC ) :

Helmi ( 07.02.2018 03:57:42 UTC )

Any plan to support MacOS? :) For now I can compile & build using fasm on Mac using this guide Hopefully ca use Fresh IDE on my MacOS in the future.

Well, Fresh IDE maybe can work on Mac OS, the same way as in Linux by using WINE.

But Fresh IDE can be considered a "hybrid" application, because it knows about Linux and uses specific Linux features when running on Linux.

Unfortunately, I don't have Mac, so can't test the Linux specific features on Mac OS. Also, my knowledge about Mac OS are close to zero, so I can't even estimate what have to be done in order to support Mac OS the same way like Linux.

But fortunately Fresh IDE is a free project, so the Mac OS users can help in adaptation to Mac OS, if there is a need for advanced FASM IDE. :)

:)Helmi ( 07.02.2018 03:57:42 UTC ) :

Any plan to support MacOS? :) For now I can compile & build using fasm on Mac using this guide Hopefully ca use Fresh IDE on my MacOS in the future.

:)TheRaven ( 19.11.2017 04:21:01 UTC ) :

Nice Dark theme fella.

:)EvolutionEXE ( 24.03.2017 19:17:12 UTC ) :

How soon will a new release of the Fresh IDE?

:)yuhui ( 12.01.2017 13:04:24 UTC ) :

Hello, I want to build to NEC V20 series chips, to do on my own computer to work.thank you

:)John ( 03.01.2016 14:41:53 UTC ) :

I would to build a windows 7 or 8 iso to pass any psw

:)Ol'Mr 8bit ( 03.07.2015 14:34:23 UTC ) :

hiya man, thanx, I'm a member of KolibriOS, shame I write realmode using bert greevensboches' magic assembler, orgs 100 by default, writes a com, no link stage, and writes either to drive as file, or boot sector fdd... so not much use to Kolibri boys as it goes, but I joined never the less... I find fasm, nasm, masm, tasm etc all very daunting, as my handle suggests I come from 8 bit monitor / debugger world, and am a dos programmer... but ta for your ide man, I will check it out... am linux for a little over a year, and it's a very like-able system.. I also run BeOS which I hacked onto P4 architecture... runs sweet as a nut, shame that they died a horrible death... anyways, ta for the read, and nice to see the asm'ers are still out there... keep up the fine efforts people...

:)John Found ( 01.05.2015 12:47:54 UTC ) :


It works fine on vista. Thanks a lot. Maybe you know Menuet OS ? Pure assembler OS....

I know MenuetOS. Unfortunately, the 32bit version is suspended (or even discontinued) and the 64 bit version is closed source. :(

There is a fork of the 32 bit version - KolibriOS which is still in active development.

I happened to write some source for it and the future versions of Fresh IDE (portable) are targeted for KolibriOS as well as for Windows and Linux.

:)Dani ( 30.04.2015 19:04:33 UTC ) :

It works fine on vista. Thanks a lot. Maybe you know Menuet OS ? Pure assembler OS....

:)John Found:

why fresh run in win 7 slowly and badly?

I don't know why on your computer Fresh runs slow. I am testing Fresh IDE on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux Mint (WINE) and it works pretty fast on all these platforms.

I will need more details in order to diagnose your problem. Better file a ticket about this on Fresh bug tracker.

:)Assemble Hilbert:

why fresh run in win 7 slowly and badly?


Wow, this article is fastidious, my younger sister is analyzing these kinds of things, thus I am going to convey her. bkdbkddfgbaf


Thank you. continue please


look promising i was searching for a good assembler IDE not much/good assembler IDE out there hope this one is what i was looking for. Thanks and keep up


AutoComplete does not work! Compiling does not work! Nothing works!


Thank you ,Great work continue please , Morocco


i like this going but please improve GUI like visual studio have . toolbars and dockable panes instead windows PLS thats wery important. im starting FASM programer.

John Found:

Unfortunately, the work on native Linux version goes pretty slow, mainly because of slow development of the source editor (but it will be the greatest source editor ever made ;).


So awesome!! Is the first program I consider it's worth to run it under Wine. I'm waiting for a Linux/Unix version, seriously it's great, and there are no much ASM IDEs.

Thanks for your job!

PD: English isn't my native language.

Bradley Galloway:

Quite a nice piece of software you've made here, thanks.

coder guru:

you are awesome!!!!! thans a lot:)


ho my god, it's really beautifull :)

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