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This page contains only the recently released version of Fresh IDE. The latest work sources and the previous releases are available in Fossil repository. Look at source repository page for short instructions how to use it.

Happy coding with Fresh!

Any bug report, user opinion, or suggestion are highly appreciated.


1. Download links

setup v2.7.0 setup file

You can customize the installation with this setup file and to choose which part of Fresh to be installed. This setup file will not write to Windows registry and will not setup uninstaller. You can uninstall, simply by deleting the folder, where Fresh is installed.

zip v2.7.0 ZIP archive

If you prefer manual installation. Simply unzip it somewhere and run Fresh.exe. Delete the directory for uninstall.

2. Release notes

Version 2.7.0

This version is one of the last of the v2.x.x series. For now, the development of v3.x.x goes slow and more as a test project for the FreshLib GUI libraries. But the development will accelerate with the time.

The main change in this release is the final transition of the FreshLib to the new GUI architecture. Some of the old interfaces are different now.

FlatAssembler compiler has been updated to the version 1.73.12.

The syntax highlighting of the editor is improved to support user defined keywords for coloring.

Two builtin fonts, especially suitable for assembly programming has been added to the editor themes.

More extended tests has been provided on Windows 10. As a result, the editor rendering and the overall stability has been improved.

The included examples has been revised and fixed to compile with the latest FreshLib libraries.

Of course the usual bug fixing and new bug introduction has been made as well.

3. Installing the bleeding edge version in Linux

If you are running Linux and want to install the newest version of Fresh IDE directly from the source repository, there is a script that will automate this process for you:

Download .tar.gz archive

Unpack it, place it in an empty directory, where you want Fresh IDE to be installed and run it from the console.

The script will automatically download, compile and install the latest version from the Fresh IDE source repository. The script also will check for all required packages and will notice you if some package needs to be installed.

4. Older versions

As long as there is very high traffic on the old versions and some downloaders (probably bots) download every link posted here, I decided to remove the older versions from this page.

All files are still available in the source repository. If you need them, feel free to download from there.

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