FreshLib portable library.

The project aim is to create a fully portable library for visual assembly language programming. The supported operating systems for now are Win32, Linux and KolibriOS. Other systems might be added later.

The project is not finished at all, but it already can be used for creation of real life applications in portable assembly language.

For example the engine of this site is written using FreshLib and can be compiled for all supported OSes from the same source code.

Actually, the use in the real life programming is the best test set for any library.

The source code of FreshLib is included in FreshIDE, however because of the intensive development, it is better to follow it from the source repository, where FreshLib have separate branch, named FreshLibDev.

This way you will get really fresh versions of the library.

Here is one (possibly outdated) screenshot from the library in action:


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