Video clips

As Fresh IDE is visual programming IDE, I decided to make several video tutorials, about how to use the power of Fresh for better and faster programming.

1. Portable

The first video clip demonstrates the use of the template system and how Fresh IDE can create portable applications:

See it on YouTube: "Fresh IDE portable programming"

2. One hour programming session in Fresh IDE

This is simply a screen cast of one hour of my work on Fresh IDE v3, listening my favorite free music: One hour of assembly programming with Banda Bassotti.

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:)Erl ( 03.10.2018 08:52:46 UTC ) :

Virus !!! bad !!! in compiller

:)Shaddai ( 04.11.2016 19:32:53 UTC ) :

Nice project!

:)prospero78su ( 15.03.2016 09:03:42 UTC ) :

Its wery cool! ) (sorry for my english)

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