!1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-00.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-01.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-02.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-03.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-04.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-05.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-06.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-07.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-08.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-09.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-10.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-11.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-12.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-13.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-14.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-15.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-16.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-17.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-18.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-19.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-20.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-21.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-22.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-23.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-24.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-25.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-26.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-27.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-28.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-29.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-30.png !1:_screenshots/front/fresh_newskin-00-31.png

1. What is Fresh

Hi. This is the home page of the project "Fresh".

Fresh is a visual assembly language IDE with built-in FASM assembler.

The main goal of Fresh is to make programming in assembly as fast and efficient as in the high level languages, without sacrificing the small application size and the raw power of assembly language.

Fresh IDE is designed especially with big project in mind. If you want to write hundreds of kloc project, Fresh IDE is especially for you. It has tools that make navigation in such huge assembly language projects easy and fast.

As long as Fresh IDE contains the original FlatAssembler compiler, it is fully compatible with FASM and you can use all your knowledge about FASM to program in Fresh.

Of course, you can use Fresh not only for Windows programming, but also to create programs for any OS that FASM supports - DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, MenuetOS - the same way as you do this in FASM.

Currently, the development is shifted mainly on FreshLib, that will be the base for the next generation of Fresh IDE 3 - highly portable IDE with advanced visual editing architecture, that to provide OS independence for the developed applications.

The road map of the project is planed following way:

The versions 2.x.x will still be Win32 application. (Nevertheless you can use Fresh IDE in Linux right now - check "Advanced setup manual" in the Documentation folder).

In order to unleash the full power of Fresh IDE, read the "Tips and tricks" document.

Fresh IDE v3.0.0 will be freely portable for all operating systems supported by FreshLib. For now they seem to be Windows and Linux.

2. How it looks like

If the above lovely screenshot is not enough, see how Fresh IDE looks on the screenshots page. There are placed screenshots from both, the recent and the previous versions of Fresh IDE, so you can see how the development progress in the time.

3. Where to get it

On the download page, you can get the official release binaries as a setup file or zip archive. Notice that Fresh IDE is fully portable and never changes the Windows registry.

If you want to get the latest development version, you should download the sources from the source repository and compile it yourself.

Another way (for Linux only) is to download the "Bleeding edge" script, that will automatically download and compile for you the most recent version.

4. How to get support

Fresh IDE has less documentation than needed, but still read the documents from the "Documentation" section of this site. Also, check the files in the Fresh IDE help system (Ctrl+F1 from Fresh IDE).

Another option is to ask in the FlatAssembler message board where you probably will find answers of your questions, not only for Fresh IDE, but about assembly language programming as well.

Last modified on: 10.11.2017 11:34:55

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:)Harvey Wright ( 12.02.2020 22:25:20 UTC ) :

HI, I just tried to download the Windows installer using bran new Edge (2020) and are still getting the virus error warning. This makes it impossible to use on a windows system. I am going to use the zip version but I think it makes the creators look lazy. This should be fixed.

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:)Oakwood ( 18.01.2020 11:33:33 UTC ) :

Malware detected !


Generic.Malware/Suspicious - Fichier: FRESH2_7_0.ZIP

An idea?

:)Jonathan ( 02.12.2019 17:27:18 UTC ) :

Detected as Trojan in McAfee. Just letting you know.

:)Sh0X ( 20.11.2019 16:16:59 UTC ) :

Guys, Please be aware that if you download your current installer for Windows, it tells me that the executable Fresh.exe has a virus inside. If I analyse the file in, it tells me that ~25 antivirus engines detected the virus inside of the file.

Regards, Sh0X

:)Jose Acosta ( 02.10.2019 20:36:32 UTC ) :

DEar Sirs, Please I like to know support Microcontroller as Analog Device ADUC 847 Thank for your help Best Regards Ing. Jose Acosta

:)Yong Liang ( 04.09.2019 18:37:24 UTC ) : include '%lib%/macros/Win32/' include "%lib%/equates/Win32/" file not found

:)Alex ( 30.08.2019 04:30:56 UTC ) :

Hi John,

You develop a great software. Keep it!

By the way, I'd come across

and tried to drop a note there. No success, it seems they are banning all Russian stuff. At that requiring to be strictly Cyrillic. That's something. So I try and reproduce my note here, in the original if you don't mind:

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:)Tamer ( 14.08.2019 10:03:00 UTC ) :

when I try to download Fresh IDE v2.7.0 Firefox reported the file is infected wit a trojan named "W32/GE.FFED6E8F!tr".

what is that?

:)Rap ( 02.08.2019 17:06:16 UTC ) :

Thank you for this brilliant software. I'm curios to upgrade to 2.7. However, when extracted to a working folder, windows 10 defender alerting "Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!plock" when executing fresh.exe V2.7.0. I appreciate getting answer if this is a false positive or any explanation?

Thank you again,


:)John Found ( 10.04.2019 07:31:03 UTC ) :

To @Dmitri, and all having problems with the examples:

At first, sorry for the late answer.

The problem with the examples is that the GUI libraries are seriously changed in the latest versions of Fresh IDE in order to allow customizable icon sizes and light/dark skins. The examples are simply not adapted to these changes.

To fix them is relatively easy, but I am not sure it is good idea at all. I mean, the general plan is to improve FreshLib GUI library and to port the whole Fresh IDE to it, making it fully portable. This way, the native Windows API (which is used now for Fresh IDE and the broken examples) will be discontinued at all.

The FreshLib GUI has very different architecture and to keep it compatible with the old Windows GUI libraries (used in the examples) is additional work that is guaranteed to obsolete quickly.

In all cases, these broken examples even now are highly obsolete both as a code style and as a general usefulness for learning assembly language... The visual form editor in the Fresh IDE is obsolete as well. In fact, I am not using it anymore. In order to make it useful again, it should be seriously reworked in order to work with the contemporary GUI templates.

:)Dmitri ( 15.12.2018 16:50:37 UTC ) :

John, excuse me, now I see I'm not the first who talks about problems with examples. You can ignore previous message

:)Dmitri ( 15.12.2018 16:44:10 UTC ) :

Some issues found when trying to compile examples under 2.6.2

[ ok ] Arrays [fail] CharCount Error: undefined symbol 'iTheme' << mov, eax,[iTheme] >> SplitGrid2.asm [460] [ ok ] ELFExe [ ok ] Fractal [fail] HotButton Error: undefined symbol 'gdfMenu' << pushd gdfMenu >> tform.asm [292] [262] [246] [ ok ] Portable [ ok ] ScrollBox [ ok ] SEH [ ok ] SimpleGraphics [ ok ] SQLiteExample [fail] toolpanel Error: undefined symbol 'gdfMenu' << pushd gdfMenu >> tform.asm [292] [262] [246] [fail] VisualPad Error: illegal instruction << OutputValue 'Toolbar width: ',eax,10,-1 >> gui.asm [724] [ ok ] XLib

P.S. Please add ability to copy individual messages or save whole contents of message window to file

:)zz ( 27.11.2018 23:55:58 UTC ) :

Whats i think needed in next version - really:

needed not FASM IDE, but different assemblers (min: TASM,NASM,WASM,MASM - all (min)for DOS)

yes, DOS target for IDE

optionally in text mode (else must support DOS console IO - correctly and must simulae text mode I/O in debugged app)

needed not ASM only IDE, but and different C++(BC31,WC++10-11/OW,but DOS MSVC&basics not needed)/Pascal - primary idea: IDE must be one and small (for small OSes like on 1 floppy, and for DOS on floppy)

integrated DOSdebugger for all, and even w/o src like TD32 can, but and - for WC++ PM32 (that needed minimum for make reengines for old DOS games on WC++); also CGA/VGA/VESA videomodes must be correctly handled (TD32 here very bad... SoftIce not friendly and monstrous) and in ideal - also second monitor support (under clear DOS) by hack (you can ~see Ralf Brown home page)

More widelly: IDE also must contain intergrated filemanager, for lower number videomode switches under clear DOS or forks of IDE in other OSes.

good License.

- Whats for really needed in version new IDE for ASM.

:)zz ( 27.11.2018 22:51:39 UTC ) :

z> some funny kid got from school programed by his "teacher"

my school - ends 20 years early, dont compare others with self plz

:)Z ( 27.11.2018 09:22:45 UTC ) :

some funny kid got from school programed by his "teacher"

:)zz ( 01.09.2018 19:24:23 UTC ) :

FASM self-oppositive/shizafrenic license... (free-(C)opyrigt & free-modificable/forkable - but (C)...)

fasm noncompilable by other one ASM, only self... security flaws and badbagdetection.

fasm-based souce-code-app noncompilable by other one ASM, only FASM... security flaws and badbagdetection

Even FASM src code listing ...~1MB! Marazm. Cant chk for securiy reasons. Cant chk for fast/simple understand and modify reasons. & ...In C it will be x5-10 times smaller and easyer to change.

Good(&more - ideal) C compiler-optimizer - optimze much more(speed/size) - than even good-asm-coder...

Good(&more - ideal) C compiler-optimizer - optimze much more(speed/size) - than even good-asm-coder... Even ASM-code in C.

Good(&more - ideal) C compiler-optimizer - optimze much faster - than even good-asm-coder...

Good(&more - ideal) C compiler-optimizer - much faster compiler multitargeted - than even good-asm-coder...

Summary: Really, asm - much bad than C (with classes, but w/o C++ dumb "boost"-libs) P.S. Simple i am dont like (C)compiler & GNU asm facked-ASM-blocks-syntax for use GCC. &OpenWatcom - has very (C)flawed license :( But FASM src code listing ...~1MB! Marazm.

:)Nik ( 25.05.2018 10:25:35 UTC ) :


:)John Found ( 13.04.2018 16:00:56 UTC ) :

Mombo ( 25.03.2018 20:48:07 UTC ) :

Dear developers, where can I enable / download the Dark Skin, which is on screenshot above?

If you have dark skin of your OS set (in Linux, the WINE skin) Fresh IDE will switch automatically to the dark skin. Maybe I should make manual switching as well, but it is not implemented right now.

:)John Found ( 13.04.2018 15:57:58 UTC ) :

robsean ( 09.04.2018 03:36:04 UTC )

Hi,why not i18n

Well, at first, there are not enough developers in the project.

At second, assembly programmer must know english because of the documentation, references and the community, which is very international, but the working language is mostly (broken) english. :D

So, the UI language is only the tip of the iceberg. If one can't read the UI in english, he actually does not need this IDE at all. ;)

:)robsean ( 09.04.2018 03:36:04 UTC ) :

Hi,why not i18n

:)swdv ( 28.03.2018 20:26:43 UTC ) :

@Mombo If you use Windows you can set HKCU\Control Panel\Colors\ButtonFace to something darker like "70 70 70". Then logoff and login again and the dark theme should be activited.

:)Mombo ( 25.03.2018 20:48:07 UTC ) :

Dear developers, where can I enable / download the Dark Skin, which is on screenshot above?

:)John Found ( 03.02.2018 12:25:28 UTC ) :

MaD70 ( 18.01.2018 19:13:16 UTC )

All other examples compile and execute correctly for me. Hope this help.

It is possible this example project is simply broken. Or more correctly, not synchronized with the latest changes of FreshLib.

Unfortunately, I often forget about these projects when preparing the new version for release.

I will check it before the next release. Also will think about some script that to check the example projects for consistency.

:)MaD70 ( 18.01.2018 19:13:16 UTC ) :

John Found ( 18.12.2017 11:12:12 UTC ) :

You better open the project file: E:\Fresh\examples\VisualPad\VisualPad.fpr.

I see that he installed Fresh IDE in C:\Fresh but the installer FreshSetup2_6_2.exe install in C:\Program Files (x86)\Fresh

I'm on Windows 10, I moved Fresh IDE in C:\Fresh (so I don't need to fiddle with files attributes in C:\Program Files (x86)\ where everything is read-only) but, when I open VisualPad.fpr and compile, it gives a similar error to that of Claus below:

Error: illegal instruction << OutputValue "Toolbar width: ", eax, 10, -1 >> gui.asm [724]

I guess OutputValue is a macro, I searched its definition but it's nowhere to be found.

Other errors in examples:


Error: undefined symbol 'iTheme' << mov eax, [iTheme] >> SplirGrid2.asm [460]


Error: undefined symbol 'gdfMenu' << pushd gdfMenu >> tform.asm [292]


Error: undefined symbol 'gdfMenu' << pushd gdfMenu >> tform.asm [292]

All other examples compile and execute correctly for me. Hope this help.

:)ppminecraft ( 12.01.2018 06:23:05 UTC ) :


:)John Found ( 18.12.2017 11:12:12 UTC ) :

Claus Michael Cuntze ( 17.12.2017 17:34:46 UTC )

I open E:FreshexamplesVisualPadVisualPad.asm I click compile

You better open the project file: E:\Fresh\examples\VisualPad\VisualPad.fpr

The project contains the options needed for the compilation. For example the directories for the libraries, memory settings, etc. You can see/edit them by menu Project|Project options or Ctrl+F12

Of course, after some major changes, some of the examples can be broken, and I will check it once more.

:)Claus Michael Cuntze ( 17.12.2017 17:34:46 UTC ) :

Windows 10 Home 64b

I load down FreshSetup2_6_1.exe. I install it on E: Fresh-exe launches.

I open E:FreshexamplesVisualPadVisualPad.asm I click compile

Error:Illegal instruction << OutputValue 'Toolbar width',eax, 10, 1 >> gui.asm 727

I feel "fu...." I close Fresh.exe and forget it !!

Why this carelessness ? I know it works. I compiled SQLiteEaxample successfully.

:)John Found ( 01.11.2017 10:15:40 UTC ) :

I changed the gravatar theme from "monsterid" to "robohash". Enjoy!

:)dsds ( 31.10.2017 17:36:16 UTC ) :


:)John Found ( 31.10.2017 09:28:56 UTC ) :

Well, after some faults, I started again the commenting system.

The bot that is spamming here is pretty advanced. Loads the pages and analyzes them, so the traditional honeypots are not effective. Anyway, the bot protection of MiniMagAsm still needs to be improved. I am working on it. ;)

:)John Found ( 24.09.2017 17:03:15 UTC ):

Because of some spamming bot, I will disable comment system for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience.

:)John Found ( 19.09.2017 21:09:53 UTC ):

Crazy Hacker ( 19.09.2017 14:20:19 UTC )

Hey can i contribute to this.if yes then reply below

Of course you can (and everyone else). If you want to contribute by programming, simply clone the repository and start coding. Of course you will need some time to learn the code and the overal architecture. Feel free to contact me on "johnfound at asm32 d ot info" or on the flatassembler forum for questions and conversation.

The highest priority right now is the branch "FreshLibDev" and generally the FreshLib library, as a base for the next generation Fresh IDE.

Of course it is better first to discuss what you want to program in order to not duplicate the efforts and to avoid work that is done or is not suitable for the project.

Roberto ( 19.09.2017 14:17:34 UTC )

Hey. Can I join you and help you? I want to learn assembly from you if you would like to share your knowledge. I like to learn challenging knowledgeSorta like a mentorship maybe?

Well, I am not very suitable as a teacher or mentor, because I am too busy in my work. But you can register the FlatAssembler forum and learn assembly language by downloading FASM, reading the docs, the forum and asking questions there. Try to play with th e examples, experiment with the code.

It is not so hard and you don't need special mentor IMHO.

:)Crazy Hacker ( 19.09.2017 14:20:19 UTC ):

Hey can i contribute to this.if yes then reply below

:)Roberto ( 19.09.2017 14:17:34 UTC ):

Hey. Can I join you and help you? I want to learn assembly from you if you would like to share your knowledge. I like to learn challenging knowledgeSorta like a mentorship maybe? I could b a protege. Just saying because it sounds nice to me. Im 33 and have a family and work fulltime as a Pipefitter Helper. I also speak Spanish. Maybe I can pass down ur knowledge in a diff lang :)

:)jpic ( 19.09.2017 11:01:03 UTC ):

Absolutely way cool, keep up the great work, with <3

:)learning ( 19.09.2017 06:54:18 UTC ):


:)Aldea Silvarahawk ( 16.09.2017 00:25:43 UTC ):

I personally want to make kind IDE the asm world but you all have it done. Thanks to you all. I'm not heart broken, but rather relieved now I can get back my original project instead of this side tract. I saw that it was needed and saw that no one was doing anything about it. Well I'm glad that I am the only one to see the need of such a thing. Yo ur Truly Rev. Ph d. Aldea Silvarahawk Then may be the Russon brothers can fully be vindicated as one way or the other as this case maybe and then on to Dark Energy Dark Matter to proof these two as a natural quantify rather than unknow event with suppose d qualifier. My own real project being the later one.

:)dnfkf ( 30.06.2017 04:00:21 UTC ):

我有一个梦想,就是出一个中文的版本. 这样会在中国相当火爆,我也愿意为我的朋友推荐中文的IDE.

:)John Found ( 29.03.2017 12:00:23 UTC ):

@EvolutionEXE Hi. I am not releasing new version, because there is no enough new features or bug fixes for official release.

What are you waiting so badly from this new version?

If you really, really need the latest version, it is easy. Simply download the latest trunk from the repository, unzip and compile "source/Fresh.fpr" with the previous versi on of Fresh IDE.

This way you will get the latest FASM compiler 1.71.60 and one fixed regression in the popup menus handling.

:)EvolutionEXE ( 24.03.2017 19:16:28 UTC ):

How soon will a new release of the Fresh IDE?

:)EvolutionEXE ( 02.03.2017 06:07:40 UTC ):

New version? Long time i'm wait.

:)John Found ( 06.02.2017 16:58:29 UTC ):

EvolutionEXE ( 03.02.2017 16:27:14 UTC )

What happened? Why not come out with new update? And no more changes?

Nothing so special, simply the work goes slow. For example, there are submits from yesterday and today.

The IDE itself is pretty stable, so I am releasing only on bug fixes and sometimes on new versions of FASM compiler.

Generally, I am working slowly on FreshLib GUI library in order to provide native porting of the whole IDE to other OSes. The work progress slowly but surely. :)

:)EvolutionEXE ( 03.02.2017 16:27:14 UTC ):

What happened? Why not come out with new update? And no more changes?

:)John Found ( 15.01.2017 08:24:12 UTC ):

akasei ( 14.01.2017 11:27:45 UTC ) :

Please, add nasm support :)

Well, it is possible, but the most features will not work at all. Such as code completion, cross reference, source browsing features, etc. Because all these features uses the debug output of FASM (FAS files) as a source of information. In result, there wil l be only source editor and automatic NASM invocation, which IMO is not enough for good IDE.

Of course, someone can use Fresh IDE ideas and sources and create original NASM IDE.

:)akasei ( 14.01.2017 11:27:45 UTC ):

Please, add nasm support :)

:)Hunter49 ( 27.08.2016 01:34:34 UTC ):

Hello See is the download link?

:)John Found ( 22.08.2016 20:03:26 UTC ):

@EvanRony How about the Download page?

:)Evan Rony ( 13.08.2016 16:53:26 UTC ):

strings am_i_cry() { print(" :( where is my IDE "); if(i_dont_get_the_ide()) { print(" i'll cry :"( "); } else { print("such a lovely night :) :D "); } return "The IDE please"; // Whatever i'm really needs that IDE }

:)connor ( 24.06.2016 08:51:03 UTC ):

could IDE on Ms DOS be converted and transferred into a native cp/m-86 environment?

:)Kevin ( 22.06.2016 14:08:16 UTC ):

It would be great if you could make the animations smooth ( like the menu and side notes)

:)Kevin ( 22.06.2016 11:57:05 UTC ):

Thumbs up dude. You are making a great job. I feel very frustrated when I complain about an application's speed and people say that I should buy a faster computer while I know it shouldn't be necessary. Today you need a supercomputer to run a text editor, it sucks.

:)Damion Tapper ( 21.06.2016 23:37:48 UTC ):

Love your work. I have a brainstorming assembly language marathon course coming up soon, which suggests the use of FASM.

So I thought, "Why not just grab the IDE while I'm at it?"

:)emarti ( 07.06.2016 19:02:12 UTC ):

= $0801 .data 'I love this flat assembler IDE' .data 'Thanks'

:)Danny Google ( 02.03.2016 06:35:47 UTC ):

Google was hacked and stolen in March 1996 ... and they know it.... it was used to kill Jon Benet Ramsey... still have proof... mfrs

:)Ref ( 01.03.2016 01:46:26 UTC ):


:)omer24 ( 17.02.2016 01:41:28 UTC ):


:)Mpendulo ( 22.10.2015 03:03:46 UTC ):

i am new here

:)Google inc. ( 19.10.2015 06:41:27 UTC ):

Good to try assembly with a fresh new IDE. And.... It was better than Flat Assembler.

// fake informer void fake( string info, bool trueorfalse) { if(trueorfalse) { console.WriteLine(info + " " + "This is a fake"); } else() { console.WriteLine(info + " " + "This is true "); } } // call fake fake("i am from google", false);

:)Google inc. ( 19.10.2015 06:34:58 UTC ):

Good to try assembly with a fresh new IDE. And.... It was better than Flat Assembler.

:)John Found ( 01.05.2015 20:28:48 UTC ):

Flavio Silva

I'm a student. How can I get it?

To get what? The IDE - from the download page.

The source code of the IDE - from the source repository.

The navigation menu of the site is at the left - hover with the mouse.

:)Flavio Silva ( 01.05.2015 19:06:31 UTC ):

I'm a student. How can I get it?

:)John Found ( 08.12.2014 14:20:20 UTC ):


Any tips for running Fresh under Windows 8.1?

There are many problems reported for Windows 8.1; Unfortunately I simply can't reproduce them on my computers. :( So, for now, I can't give any tips on this matter.

I will hardly try to fix these problems for the next stable release, but...

:)Anton ( 06.12.2014 10:17:38 UTC ):


Any tips for running Fresh under Windows 8.1? I often encounter with 'system can not find the path specified' when creating a new form.

And, of course new Fresh website engine and design looks amazing. Without any doubt!

:)Sergio Mendez ( 18.11.2014 17:31:40 UTC ):

Fantabulous John, thank you very much for the great tip.

And congratulations for the site's new look.

:)John Found:

There is no difference between "FASM" and "Fresh" programs actually. Every "Fresh" program can be compiled with FASM and every "FASM" program can be compiled with Fresh.

Now, about Fresh:

Fresh will compile directly the current open .asm file if there is no project file open. But one can always create project file and to assign needed .asm file as a main file of the project.

One small problem for compiling FASM programs with Fresh can be the missing path to the include files from the FASM package. This problem has easy solution - simply set %include% environment variable (Alias in terms of Fresh IDE) in Options|IDE option s|Aliases or possibly (if a project file has been created for this program) in Project|Project options|Aliases. The value of the %include% alias must be the path to the FASM include directory from any of FASM packages.

Notice, that for its own library Fresh IDE does not use %include% alias, but uses %lib% alias in order to not conflict with FASM native include libraries.

This way, in order to compile "Fresh" programs with FASM, you have to set %lib% environment variable (in terms of FASM) to the FreshLib directory, and possibly %TargetOS% environment variable to one of "Win32", "Linux" or "KolibriOS" values. (This is because most or Fresh programs are portable and can be compiled for any of these OSes).

:)Sergio Mendez:

John thank you very much for your fast answer.

by the way: I like very much the fresh IDE, it is a way to compile and run fasm programs without any change in Fresh IDE?

:)John Found:

Excuse me, where can i found the fresh project (fpr) format specification.

The .fpr project file format is described in the document "source/ProjectFileFormat.txt" in the source repository. There are many such work files, not in cluded in the official releases.

As long as the file is very old (the last changes was made in 2011) I am not very sure how precise is it, but the main ideas are OK. Also, it is possible not all ideas from this file are implemented in the IDE.


P.S. BTW, for better discussion, why not subscribe to the FASM message board. The forum format is much better than comments section of a web site. :)

:)Sergio Mendez:

Excuse me, where can i found the fresh project (fpr) format specification.

:)ravi chandel:

please i need a tutorial that is easy to understand in pdf

:)John Found:

Any plan to support MacOS? Currently I run fine using CrossOver.

Not at this moment. At least I never programmed anything for MacOS. In theory, if someone wants to port FreshLib for MacOS, then Fresh 3.0 will support MacOS as well.


The installation manual and users manual are included in the Fresh IDE distribution. Simply press Ctrl+F1 and read: "" and "". Unfortunately, there is no full written Users Manual, but "" describes almost all advanced feature s, that are not obvious.


Any plan to support MacOS? Currently I run fine using CrossOver.




Hi! Your project is very interresting. I followed the from stack overflow(and i really liked your answer). Keep on working. regards, Kevin.

:)John Found:

@Fasy - Yes, the examples are not fixed for the latest FreshLib library and the new FASM postpone macro mechanism.

All examples issues will be fixed with the next release v2.1.9


Hi Sirs! You should check the "examples" provided with the package. Lot's of them are not compiling without error.



:)John Found:

@Yuriy: What you mean? Fresh should work on x64 machines and compiles x64 assembly programs.


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Borland C++ Builder 6 inspired witch is the best IDE ever made, inline assembly also better than in MinGW GCC ()*@*%^# asembler for aliens not humans! Great such as Lazarus Free Pascal IDE great as Orwell-Dev++ I like Notepad++(for html) Fresh for asm. Thank You very much :) Haven't found any better than it!

Waiting for libraries with some predefined functions, components, inporters-exporters converters from platform to platform. For all assembly fans - check out: and have good day.


Any plans to support x64?


Great project keep up the good work


Many thanks extremely valuable. Will share website with my good friends.url=


Is it a GOOD piece of software? No, it is GREAT one!:)



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