Links and support

If you have some problems with Fresh, you can find support on the following places:

Fresh IDE source repository - there is a bug tracker, where you can report bugs, feature requests etc. Does not require registration. You simply have to log as an anonymous user. The password is provided on the login page.

FASM message board - For common information, questions and discussions about FASM and FASM programming.

IDE development forum - For questions, comments and support about Fresh IDE.

Also, you can e-mail the problem to: johnfound at asm32 dot info.

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Thanks John, I'll start using that.

:)John Found:

Use \ at the end of the line and type the remaining at the next line. It is common practice in FASM programming, described in the FASM manual.

The source editor line limit will be removed in the version 3.0, where new source editor will be implemented from scratch.

But, probably it will be not very soon. :)


I really like this interface for working on projects. I am re-engaging my SmiddyOS project and ran into a snag. Sorry, I haven't read all you information, so this may have been caught somewhere else. I am compiling a very long text string, for a CDROM.ISO of: DATE_STRING EQU (YEAR / 1000 + '0'),((YEAR / 100) MOD 10 + '0'),((YEAR / 10) MOD 10 + '0'),(YEAR MOD 10 + '0'),(MONTH / 10 + '0'),(MONTH MOD 10 + '0'),(DAY / 10 + '0'),(DAY MOD 10 + '0'),(HOUR / 10 + '0'),(HOUR MOD 10 + '0'),(MINUTE / 10 + '0'),(MINUTE MOD 10 + '0'),(SECOND / 10 + '0'),(SECOND MOD 10 + '0'),'0','0'

However, the editor window truncates it to: DATE_STRING EQU (YEAR / 1000 + '0'),((YEAR / 100) MOD 10 + '0'),((YEAR / 10) MOD 10 + '0'),(YEAR MOD 10 + '0'),(MONTH / 10 + '0'),(MONTH MOD 10 + '0'),(DAY / 10 + '0'),(DAY MOD 10 + '0'),(HOUR / 10 + '0'),(HOUR MOD 10 + '0'),(MINUTE / 10 + '0'),(MINUTE MOD

Is there a work around for very long text lines? Are there plans to increase the line's lengths?

Thanks in advance! Sorry if this is covered elsewhere...


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