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This page contains only the recently released version of Fresh IDE. The latest work sources and the previous releases are available in Fossil repository. Look at source repository page for short instructions how to use it.

Happy coding with Fresh!

Any bug report, user opinion, or suggestion are highly appreciated.

1. Current official release

Version 2.2.2

In this version, several bugs and misbehaviors has been fixed, including the old one.

FASM compiler has been updated to v1.71.22.

The processing of the environment variables (aliases) has been changed in order to allow recursive nesting of variable definitions.

Read "WhatsNew.txt" in order to get more detailed information about the changes.

setup Download setup file

You can customize the installation with this setup file and to choose which part of Fresh to be installed. This setup file will not write to Windows registry and will not setup uninstaller. You can uninstall, simply by deleting the folder, where Fresh is installed.

zip Download ZIP archive

If you prefer manual installation.

2. Older versions

As long as there is very high traffic on the old versions and some downloders (probably bots) download every link posted here, I decided to remove the older versions from this page.

All files are still available in the source repository. If you need them, feel free to download from there.

Last modified on: 18.10.2014 19:37:16