Fresh fonts pack - created for assembly programming

This fonts pack is created to be used in Fresh IDE source editor. Of course you can use it for programming with other editors as well.

Main goal of the project is to create smaller possible fonts, without any compromises with the readability of the source text.

Also, the fonts are designed to provide very long use without weariness of the eyes.

Because of that, these fonts are not intended to be used with antialiasing of any type.

There are two fonts presented: FreshBold and FreshThin. Both have the same size 8x13 pixels.

The only drawback of these fonts is that they are not Unicode.

Fresh fonts pack is distributed under terms of the "Fresh artistic license".

The text of the license is provided in the zip package.

Below is the latest version of the Fonts pack:


FreshBold.fon: !FreshBold.gif

FreshThin.fon: !FreshThin.gif

Download font package

Last modified on: 13.01.2016 19:03:08

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:)alman ( 18.01.2017 20:06:10 UTC ):

Smallest possible font should not include cyrillic characters :)

:)John Found:

Thanks for the comments. You are probably right about most of them. These issues will be addressed in the next version of the font.

:)Uwe Waldmann:


a few comments from a fellow font designer:

- Some characters (in particular in FreshThin) are badly aligned. When you have characters with different widths, they should preferably have the same horizontal center. For instance, almost all letters in FreshThin are centered around the 4th column, but a few (e.g., "W" and "w") are centered around the 5th column. As a result, the "w" sticks to the following letter, but there is a lot of space between the preceding letter and the "w". So the "w" (and some other letters, like Cyrillic "Zhe" and "Ef") shoul

d be moved one pixel to the left.

- The digit "4" is much wider than the other digits and sticks out.

- Have you tried to make "m", "sha", and "shcha" wider (like "w")?

- Ascenders (the part of "b", "d", etc. above x-height) should be as large as descenders (the part of a "p" or "q" below the baseline) or a bit larger, but here they are shorter.

- "t" is usually a bit shorter than "b", "d", "f", "h", "l", but here it's taller.

- "V" and "U" look very similar. Could you make the "V" more triangular?

- The German "sz" should be as tall as "b" or "d" and should not extend below the baseline, except in handwriting and in italic fonts.

- Cyrillic "ge" does not have a serif at the bottom or at the top left, but the ukrainian "ge with upturn" does. Why?

- Some of the Serbian Cyrillic letters look strange.

- The two horizontal bars of the "double dagger" are too close.

Best regards


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